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  • How do I download a demo app or sample lists click on this DEMO link for Windows
    • click on this DEMO link for MacOSX
  • What is the security of the shopping cart Our shopping car system is 128 bit encrypted on hosted with a preeminent shopping cart facility. Order with peace of mind
  • Can I download my list order after I've placed my order? YES, after you've placed an order, you will receive a email link to retrieve your business lists data. No need to wait for couriers, you will have your lists within minutes.
  • I get an error message when downloading the software when using IE Vista or System 7Due to extra security Microsoft has added with Vista/7, users may experience an error message when downloading their order. Please set Internet Explorer to "allow incoming connections" from our website. You can also use an alternate web browser, such as Firefox.
  • How do I export the data?
  • 1. Find the information you wish to export by first using our "Easy Search" option (top of the program menu) or click on our more specific "Simple Search" button on the main screen.

  • 2. Once the results are found, click on "Export Data" button on the main screen.

  • 3. You will be presented with a dialog box. Here you will choose the location you want to save the results to. Name the file (eg "export") and select the appropriate file extension (eg comma separated value - csv) and the click Save. Choose Excel file option if you wish to open the data within that program.

  • Now the file can be opened with Microsoft Excel, or Access or Word. Open up the appropriate program and click File/Open, and then select the "export" file you just created.
  • 1. Find the information you wish to export first by clicking SEARCH
  • 2. Once you get the desired results, go to FILE/ then select "EXPORT RECORDS"
  • 3. Choose the location you wish to save the results to , (eg desktop). Name the file (eg export) and then select the appropriate file extension (eg csv or excel). If you wish to see the data in EXCEL, click excel as the file extension.
  • 4. The CD database program will prompt you with a SPECIFY FIELD order in the EXPORT WINDOW. It is here you can choose the fields you wish to export for each list eg. Contact, Company, Postal Code.
  • 5. Click EXPORT
  • Now the file can be opened with Microsoft Word , Excel or Access.
  • How do I print Mailing Labels?
  • We have provided you 1 Avery label format, Avery 5160, if you wish to print on other labels, first export the data, then open the data in Microsoft Word. Third, follow the link below, Avery has provided you free templates to use for mailings:
  • http://www.avery.com/us/Main?action=software.AverySoftwareDetail&catalogcode=WEB01&softwarecode=3201
  • How do I import data into "ACT"?
  • Before importing the data, you must first export the data from our CD using the instructions above
  • 1. Open ACT! 2005.
    2. Click on File->Import.
    3. In the Import Wizard, choose Next for step 1.
    4. Step 2 of the Import Wizard will open. From the dropdown list
    "What type of file do you want to import?", choose Text delimited.
    5. For the line "File Name and Location", press the Browse button.
    6. Browse to the "FILE NAME YOU SAVE THE EXPORT FILE UNDER"" then click Next.
    7. In Step 3 of the Data Import Wizard, select Contact Records Only.
    Click Next.
    8. Step 4 of the Data Import Wizard will ask you to Select the Field
    Separator. Click the radio button for Tab. Click Next.
    9. In Step 5 of the Data Import Wizard, choose "Do not use a
    predefined map". Click Next.
    10. Step 6 of the Data Import Wizard displays the information
    categories for the imported Point data (left).
    11. Map the data to a field in ACT! by clicking in the "To this
    Field" column. Click the dropdown list to select from the ACT! fields. Click
    12. Click Next in Step 7.
    13. Click Finish on Step 8.
    14. The information from Point will merge into ACT! 2005.
  • Find Multiple Sic Codes In Search Mode

    1.Click the button called SEARCH, you will now be in search mode

    2.enter the first sic code, eg 1542, then click ADD  REQUEST button,

    3.enter the second sic code, eg 1611, then click ADD  REQUEST button,

    enter the third sic code eg 2515  etc�

    4.Once you've entered all sic codes, press ENTER on your keyboard

    *you must click on ADD  REQUESTbutton after each sic code entered;


    Searching for all data within a field

    1.Click the button called SEARCH, you will now be in search mode

    2.go to any field, for example the email field

    3.enter the symbol  *  , which is shift-8 on your keyboard

    4.press enter, and it will find all data within the email field, you can do the same using any other field, eg company



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